Saturday, 7 January 2017

Two Evenings

Just a short entry to write a little about two recent photos. 

We saw in the New Year on the top of the Worcestershire Beacon. Unlike previous years, however, the miraculous views of firework displays across the Severn Valley weren't visible. Enrobed in a thick layer of fog, even the fireworks set off on top of the Beacon itself were wasted in the greyness of the ether. All was not lost, however, with the crowd still in good spirits and our hearts warmed by a flare. The redness permeating the fog like a midnight sunset and giving 2017 an ebullient start. 

Myself and Other-Jo went out by ourselves Thursday and, being evenly paced, churned out big climb after big climb with very little stop-and-wait. We were feeling decidedly unfit at times, but, in all honesty, you can't be unfit if you can knock out 970 meters of elevation in less than 12.9 kilometers (3,184ft in 8 miles - no word of a lie - barometric data from my Etrex 30), on big travel Enduro bikes, especially in a few hours post-work. I think we are both a lot fitter than we realise. Climbing always hurts, but that's because we always pedal close to our limits, every ride, with unforgiving gearing on savage hills. 

This wasn't the easiest night shot to get with the cold wind and my shaking hands struggling to hold the camera motionless on a rock. I was planning to edit but, in the end, I liked the wonky horizon and 'snapshot' feel, despite the fact it was anything but, with a 4 second delay and Jo humouring my request to stand perfectly still!

We were rewarded for the climbs by descending six of the best Malvern trails; minus 4 temperatures keeping us on our toes. The dry-cold giving fast and immensely grippy loam, interspersed with the slippyslide of frosted short grass and the total unpredictability of sheet ice. Exhilarating and petrifying all at once.