Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Nightriding 2016-2017

It's very nearly over. Summer season is on the way and we are starting to move in to the lighter evenings.

The hassle of charging lights, catching cables and charging batteries will be gone. But so will the wonder of being alone with just the stars and light pollution for company.

The excitement of riding in a group as everyone lights the way, light bouncing from headtorch to tree to corner.

Often, those who are most nervous about the dark, are the ones who end up loving it the most. I have seen a number of ladies take to nightriding light a fish to water, and find they are happier on the trails. For what they can't see doesn't scare them, and they begin to rely on their natural ability which is often much higher than they realise.

Beams enhanced by fog. Makes beautiful photos, but terrible white-out for riding. Even the most basic of bridleways becomes a challenge in pea soup fog darkness. 

Another winter of blanking out everything other than the trail. It trains concentration and forces folk to look ahead. 

Then, when suddenly the world opens back up with the daylight, the trails become three dimensional playgrounds of fun. New lines are easier to spot. Kickers come into view well in advance. Everything feels just that little bit easier. 

I really do love nightriding for the freedom it gives us to keep getting out there, no matter the weather or season.