Sunday, 20 March 2016

Fell shoes and nightrides

The Walsh fell shoes came this week.  Well, actually, they came last week, but my size was too small, so they were returned for a half size bigger.  Size up with these ones, folks! 

Had to go to the post office and, as I'm still resisting driving, figured a lunchtime run to Colwall branch would be a perfect opportunity to christen them. Amazing in mud and in the woods. No surprise to find they feel strange and unstable on tarmac and hardcore compared to the vffs. Comfy though, and an awful lot of fun in the bridleway swamps where I could let the legs go fearlessly into the depths rather than precariously walk alongside trying not to slip over.  

I'm finding running very liberating, the sense of freedom is huge.  I think it's freedom from constraint of rideability, (I can run a lot of places that aren't worth trying to ride), freedom from kit and hassle, and freedom from trying to be better.  I think I know in my heart that pushing hard, training hard, would see little in terms of reward. I may get a little quicker, but I am not sure I'd want to.

I'm happy plodding steadily, soaking everything up and not having any thoughts toward numbers, figures and all the stuff that really doesn't matter.  Running is such a huge pleasure right now and I really don't want to loose that love.  I do, however, want to spend as much time on my feet as possible, as going further (no matter how slowly) is a big goal.  To be able to run effortlessly all day would be perfect.

The VFFs also came out for a run on Thursday, just a quick 20 mins.  When it's dry, it seems I'd rather be 'barefoot' style than anything else.  I just feel more stable, more in control and lighter on my feet.  I suspect that running in both fell shoes, and the VFFs, will be the best of both worlds in terms of ankle and leg adaption to long distance plodding. 

I rode again too this week.  Again the 29er on the road, little use of my right arm, and just the silence and bliss of being out and about for 45 mins.  I climbed hills, saw the lights over Ledbury and was perfectly content. There was no pain in my arm and everything just felt right. 

I did a few beam shots with that little Magicshine MJ-890 against the Exsposure Diablo. The Exposure is actually our off-road club light for the social rides, but it makes an interesting comparison.  It is 5 times the price of the Magicshine. I will comment of battery life etc later, but here's the beam shots for now. When I get round to it, I'll dig out some specs. 

Exposure on high
Exposure on low

Not bad eh?  That little unit is really holding it's own and the light spread is just fine.  Sure, it's not lighting up the hedges, but it is lighting up what it needs to.  I am well impressed by it so far.