Friday, 1 April 2016

Behaving on Thursday Steady Social

There is nothing like a dry sunny evening to bring out the Steady Social riders, and it was fantastic to see 22 people at the bus shelter, ready to chat and trundle along the dry hillsides on a beautiful evening.  Even the bluebells had turned up.  Sure enough, spring is finally here.

It was all I could do to behave on the Thursday Social.  Just 1.5 weeks until the consultation about weight bearing, and I'm at the most critical stage.  The 'everything feels fine and I could just smash out some descents right now' stage.  The 'was my arm ever really broken?' stage.  However, another week and a half of hard callus formation is a long time, and right now it's likely that the break and the screw points are still relatively weak.  

So I behaved and sat back, kept the speed low and trundled along with much consideration to staying upright, staying off the rough ground and staying well away from any considerable brake force. It was such a great evening to be riding.

Jenny was leading, despite being rather off-colour and full of a cold, and put together a great route, with a few different alternatives to keep things interesting for the regulars.  It was very liberating to be able to ride without thinking about route and options, and there was lots of time to catch up with folk who haven't been out for a while.

As normal, we finished at the Wyche Inn, and the barman asked if my arm was all better? I almost said yes, as it certainly feels as though is.....