Saturday, 23 April 2016

Weekly stuff

It was a great turnout on the Monday Not-Club road ride, with a big mix of ability, and bikes.  I rode the 29er MTB to keep the other mountain bikers company. It rolls so well it wasn't too much effort to keep the steady pace, which left hands free to chat and take far-too-many photos. 

The Hillend view over to the ridge was pretty special as always. The cloudscapes rolling away in the distance, highlighted by the last of the evening light.

Camera selfie timer practice

Perfect group selfie-timer even if I do say so myself......

Freewheel competition.  The MTBs didn't get far.  The roadies, on the other hand, rolled for literally miles.

The turnout for Tuesday 'Average Joe's' ride was also pretty good, just the right number for a jolly social, with a bit of tech thrown in, and lots of smiles in the evening sun. 

Jo came out for the first time in a long while, and it was brilliant to see how much her riding had progressed.  Kash joined us too, another lady rider who's perseverance with riding has really paid off and can now tackle both the tough Malvern climbs and descents with ease.

We regrouped by the rock-slab-of-doom. Always a good place to pull a group together. It's the top of a long climb and thus the faster riders get to play around on the slab, whilst the others catch their breath.

After a few refusals, Jo nailed the slab like a pro. It is one of those funny things. Very intimidating from the top, but once you've nailed it, you wonder what you were even worried about.

We finished with a few more fun descents and straight to the pub. Really loving the atmosphere on the Tuesday, I hope it continues to take off and becomes a self sustaining ride.