Thursday, 15 September 2016

Had a bit of a break

Not of bones!

Just a break from blogging.

Things have been hectic to the point of unmanageable with work. I've been running all over the UK, currently in Scotland and have visited 16 towns in two days, driven around a 800 miles, and I wont even admit to the number of work hours. Another long day tomorrow on the massive drive down South via yet more sites (another 530 miles to drive too).  It's like audaxing, but without the pedalling. Since the start of August I have been away from home in one way or another every week. When I've not been working, I've been riding. Other than when I got norovirus which knocked me for six for 48 hours.

I will return to blogging. There are exciting things coming up, and I have a number of photos from recent times I'd like to post for posterity.

Ok ok, maybe one photo for now. No editing. That was the colour of the sky a few weeks back on an evening ride with my good riding buddy Jo. We had rain, fog, and then this amazing golden light. It was dumbfounding. Like someone had put tinted lens over the entire world. It was just the best thing to be there with someone else who truly appreciates mountain biking, and how it incorporates you into the magical world we normally take for granted.