Thursday, 14 January 2016

A visit to Scarborough

A bit of catching up to do here I guess, I'll keep it brief.  I think I'd rather get the photos in and memories recorded than undertake time on perfect prose. 

Tuesday was an interesting site day in reasonable weather.  It was still clear when I got home, but 10 minutes before I was ready to head out the door, the heavens opened. I procrastinated.  It rained some more.  I helped Steve with horses.  It rained some more.  Eventually I got in gear and got out, just as it stopped. Sometimes faffing works out for the best, eh?

It was a fun ride undertaking the last of the ice stud 'bedding in' tarmac miles, watching the sparkly lights and silhouettes of the Malverns from Colwall. Lots of advantages riding 29ers on the road, not least being able to ride through road works, pot holes and floods with no fear. 

The tyres are now on Steve's wheels and staying inflated. It means we'll be able to quickly swap wheels not tyres if needed during the race, well, once the practicalities of finding another cassette, two brake discs and some hub spacers....

Wednesday was a trip to Scarborough.  With plans to finally visit Dalby Forest after the survey, I loaded the enduro and kit into the van the night before, and set the alarm for 5 am.  It's a long ol' drive to Scarborough from home, with google suggesting 4+ hours.  So when I woke up and daylight was shining through the window, I knew there was a problem...darned smart phones and forgetting to press 'save' when resetting alarms!

With such a late start I figured I would be lucky to get a ride in, however, remaining hopeful, I took the bike.  The work was easy and I was finished by 2 pm.  Too late to make Dalby for a 20 miler training ride with no lights, but definitely time to have an explore along the seafront.  I was secretly glad.  One forest trail centre is just like any other, but seafronts?  They are my favourite places.  So many steps.  So much fun!   

Abandoned seafronts in winter, with deserted ramps to pedal up, and steps to ride down

So many steps.  Saw these from the bottom, and figured there must be an easy way to the top. 

Sure enough, there was.  A tarmac set of switchbacks. 

Cliff top seating.  Who cares about stupid training plans when there are photos to be taken and old people to chat to?  My bike was the source of much admiration from an elderly lady here, 'very purposeful, and just look at those tyres!'.  Glad she appreciated my well-over-bikedness.

I finished with a few miles along the coast road, watching the surfers catching waves, and the last of the daylight, on what was a lovely evening.