Thursday, 21 January 2016

The last ride

A chaotic day cramming in work, packing, obtaining magic-menstruation-prevention, and collecting borrowed batteries to power lights for 17.5 hours of darkness. Steve was busy still insulating the van and finishing off bike maintenance until late in the evening. I'd never have been able to do this without him. The best pit crew ever.

It was 9.30 pm yesterday evening by the time the Enduro was on the road for one last ride. Wearing odd gloves, jeans and trainers, everything else packed away, it was 30 minutes of solace. 

It wasn't far, just far enough to keep the legs spinning and keep some sanity. 

It was nice to be out, the half moon glowing in still air.  Clear skies, crisp trails, so cold

.. . And then it was done. The last three months have seen my mileage and time on the bike drop to a third of what I would normally consider adequate training for an endurance event. Here's hoping less is indeed more. I am certainly well rested, not in the slightest overtrained. Saturday I will find out if the balance has slipped too far the other way. Fingers crossed it's all little red riding hood.