Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The wonders of modern technology

A perfectly planned taper involved a couple of steady road rides this week, just to keep the legs spinning.  However, the roadie is in pieces and the tarmac is covered with black ice, so the choice was mountain biking or bust.  The 29er would have been perfect, steady, nice low gears, easy to spin, but that's in pieces too.

In fact everything is packed or in pieces, except the Enduro, so I went out on that and stuffed-off the zone 1, for fun on the hills. 

It was all going well until I came to the first section of tech.  Press on the seat dropper lever....nothing.  "Oh, it's frozen".  Darn.  Press again, nothing.  Figure I may as well enjoy a ride, even with an XC style stance, I didn't have to plummet steep stuff tonight, just stretch my legs.  But oh no, that seat post had been released and that was that.  It wouldn't lock up, or down.

Well, until I pulled out the zip ties, my new Leatherman and DIY'd a solution. 

No crappy descents home for me.  Ha! I had awesome photos of my repair skillz, but the laptop died and they are now being retrieved by the technological geekcrew.  I'll add them at some point. (EDIT - added and OK, maybe not that awesome, but you know, it worked)

'Tis a bugger though.  Damn wish I hadn't sold my (hydraulically activated) reverb.  Steve is going to be replacing cables and greasing like mad tomorrow, but I'll have to chuck a normal solid seatpost in just in case.  It'll be like 2007 all over again!

It was superb on the hills tonight, through streaming eyes the frost glistened and there was barely a breeze.  I could have ridden for hours.