Monday, 18 January 2016

Foggy Fun with Friends

There wasn't much time.  What with cleaning off yesterday's integument of mud,  panic-packing for Strathpuffer, arranging work for tomorrow and the dreaded supermarket trip, life was most definitely getting in the way of cycling.  However, I was keen to get out on a social ride.  Luckily, riding friends Heather, Mark, their son Magnus and Vicky were happy to join me and enjoy the wonderful Malvern views we all know and love. Or perhaps not....

....but views are only a tiny part of what makes Malvern great.  Big wide bridleways must never be under-rated.  It's so much more social being able to ride along side by side, chatting and riding, rather than consistently following the wheel in front.  How wonderful to see a mother and son sharing the trails.

Hands up who's going to open the gate.

Styling it up for the camera

We pedalled for an hour, steadily and with care for walkers.  It's all too easy to let the speed build up on familiar trails, riding on autopilot, until silhouettes suddenly appear out of the shroud of fog.

Magnus looking down on the last descent to the bus shelter.  There is something mysterious about riding in the fog, even on a busy Sunday.

After we said goodbye, I dropped back via the new trail.  Linking it in seamlessly from the main line makes for a wonderfully long and varied run to home with steep loam, extended off-camber, many corners, a plummet into a natural berm, rocks, roots and a couple of stream crossings.  Muddy and smiling, the Enduro was hosed down again, all the washing a minor price to pay for the fun had.