Sunday, 10 January 2016

Thursday Steady Social Ride

The club social ride went well again Thursday. The empty bus shelter at 19:25 pm was suggesting a rare poor turnout, but, by 19:35 the late arrivals filled the group to 14. It was a wonderful evening, trundling along under clear skies with such an eclectic mix of folk. So many interesting stories, life events and conversations each week.

Lights twinkling as we regroup and ensure everyone is ready for the descent.

Alienesque descending

The local hotel, lit up like a fire

Toward the end of the ride I found Andy at the side of the trail. A burped tubeless tyre wouldn't be a problem for most folks as we were 2 minutes from the pub. However, Andy had a 10 mile ride home. We got it sorted with a few blasts of CO2 from this handy gadget which put in enough pressure to reseal the tyre. Quite frankly the single most exciting tyre-related gadget I have seen since the advent of decorative dust caps. A valved CO2 adapter that gives you control over the canister, is easy to use, and helps prevent freezing fingers from the dry ice effect. Whilst Jenny and I cooed over this magnificent treasure, everyone else stood around pointing out they already had one, or had known about them for ages. Sigh. Always last to the picnic.