Friday, 29 January 2016

An alternative Thursday Social

The turnout for Thursday Steady Social was smaller than normal, and all seven riders technically capable, so we shook things up with some muddy trail variations and a little more climbing.

Trials Tim was out hopping about despite the gales on the top. Always a pleasure to watch.  The Malverns are only a small set of hills, but their bare flanks leave riders exposed to the full force of the weather.

The fog swirled and thickened as we pedaled over the ridge; an orange glow the only reminder of the villages below.  We regrouped in the howling wind as Chuck gave a briefing of the upcoming descent. 

Soon enough we were greeted by an outstanding trail, hidden and well ridden, branching off a main line and swooping in and out of the trees. With some higgldeypiggledy criss-crossing of lines, we all arrived at the bottom unscathed, before climbing back up, up and up, for a final flat out fast descent to the pub.  Now regulars, we were greeted warmly; the landlady ready with the soya milk for my cuppa and reassuring us that the muddy kit really didn't matter.